This contract has been prepared by the parties for the site and has been concluded between the site and the site customers (users), and the parties declare, accept and undertake the following issues, since the most important of the indispensable conditions of site use is the confidentiality rule. . Also; All users who have accepted the Membership Terms are deemed to have accepted the following terms. According to this;

User; Only the user can access their personal information and only the user can change them, third parties will not be allowed access for any reason.

  1. The e-mail address used by the customer during online ticket purchase, whether registered in the system and/or as a member or not, is in no way distributed to other institutions, organizations or individuals. Customer information is only used within the consent of the customer/user to create a customer profile within Welder Watch and/or send e-mail press releases and campaign announcements, and is not given to third parties.Changing the Confidentiality Commitment,
  2. E-mails can only be sent to my e-mail addresses without the consent of the User/Customer in the following cases;
    Changing the Confidentiality Commitment,
    Changing the Security Policy,
    Changing the Delivery Terms,
    Teslimat Şartlarının değiştirilmesi,
    Changing your Membership Agreement,
    Changes in Consumer Rights.Tüketici Haklarındaki değişiklikler.
  3. does not store the credit card information of its customers/users. It uses the credit card information only once for the purpose of obtaining authorization by transmitting it securely to the relevant banks during the collection process and automatically deletes it from the system after the provisioning process.
  4. Information such as membership information, especially e-mail address, correspondence address, mobile phone number entered on are never shared with any other institution/organization.
  5. Saat ve Saat San. ve Tic. A.Ş is the company that also owns the website with its trade name. Membership information of the User/Customers may be disclosed to the relevant unit only when required by administrative/legal obligation. Within the scope of any judicial investigation with documented research capacity, Saat ve Saat San. ve Tic. A.Ş., if it has the information requested from it, can give it to the relevant authority.
  6. Membership information only Saat ve Saat San. ve Tic. It is used within the framework of standard product delivery and information procedures to be carried out by A.Ş. Campaigns and announcements that will come into effect in certain periods are only sent to members who want to be informed about them. E-mails containing campaign information messages are not received except for the approval of the User/Customer/Member. Otherwise, the customer/user/member immediately sends Saat ve Saat San. ve Tic. They are required to make notifications to the points on the A.Ş contact page. Otherwise; Saat ve Saat San. ve Tic. A.Ş is not liable for any reason whatsoever.
  7. The user/member/customer shall be deemed to have fully understood and accepted all the points written in the contract from the moment they started to use the site. reserves the right to make changes to these articles at any time without prior notice. In case one or more of these conditions are violated, the right of the user/customer/member to restrict or terminate their use is reserved, without the need to give any warning, warning or information.
  8. Only the member/user/customer is personally responsible for all transactions while using the aforementioned site. The only reasoning member/user/customer who has to compensate the damages of anyone who may be harmed due to the actions of the member/user/customer is the member/user/customer.

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