How do I know my order is approved?

Once your order is received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. It is important that you provide a correct e-mail address when placing your order. We recommend that you save this e-mail so that you can get in touch with the customer services you might have in the future. It will be indicated that the order confirmation (receipt) is used as the guarantee of purchase form.

Can I withdraw my order completely?

The BUYER shall have the right to withdraw within 30 (thirty) days following the delivery of the product(s) of the agreement to him/her or the person/organisation at the address he/she has assigned, without being obliged to give any reason, on the condition that the product is not defective. Shipping fees shall be paid by the buyer if the right of withdrawal is exercised.

What should I do if my product is delivered defective/incorrect?

In case of defective product delivery, the customer should inform WelderWatch via e-mail within 14 days following the delivery and wait until he/she is notified by WelderWatch and send the product by courier when a product return confirmation is sent. If WelderWatch ships a defective product, return shipping fee shall be paid by the company. The product can be returned or replaced, as per the return procedure. 

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Expected delivery time is about 5-14 business days following the order date depending on the countries and the workload of the customs. However, this time frame is not guaranteed by Welder. Please contact us if your order is delayed.

From which countries can I place an order?

 Free shipping and orders in all countries of the world. Only Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus are excluded under country tax obligations and shipping regulations.

Is my watch water-resistant?

Welder watches should not be used in diving, swimming and showering. They are watertight during hand/face washing and rainy weather. 

Can I wash the watchband of my watch?

Strictly, the watchbands, especially leather ones, must not be washed.

How many different case diameters do the watches have?

Welder Moody watches have 5 different case diameters: 36 mm, 38 mm, 42 mm, 45 mm, 47 mm.

Welder The Bold watches have 46 mm, 49 mm and 50 mm case diameters. 

In what payment options can I purchase?

Welderwatches offers the following secure payment options;

Credit Card (MasterCard, VISA, Amex): the buyer can fill in the credit card number and Valid Thru date of the credit cards during the order. The buyer should make sure that the full name written on the card is entered. Then, payment authorisation process will take place and the buyer will be informed whether the payment is approved or not.

  • iDEAL: The buyer that have Dutch bank account can use iDEAL.
  • GiroPay (can be used for DE (Germany))
  • Mybank
  • Sofort
  • Bank Transfer

How can I use my Online Voucher?

Once you sign up our online Welderwatch.com store, you will need to present the code on your voucher, into the section “Gift Card Account” on your personal page. You can complete your payment by selecting the option “Use from my wallet” in the payment options, at the end of shopping, using the total TL amount designated in your name.  

For how many years is my product covered by the guarantee? What is covered?

Guarantee period is 2 (two) years from the purchase date. This guarantee covers the production defects on the watch (movement, case, crystal) and free battery replacement.

When is my product not covered by the guarantee?

Any damage caused by incorrect use is not covered by the guarantee. Details about incorrect use are given below.


1. Protect against shocks or impacts.

2. Avoid any intense electrical fields or magnetic fields (Immediate vicinity of Dect Phone, Mobile Phone, loudspeaker, etc.) which can harm the mechanical parts of your watch.

3. Keep it away from water, seawater, sweat to prevent the strap used in Leather Band watches from deforming.

4. Use your watch in accordance with its functions and pressure resistance.

5. Do not operate the knobs of your watch or open up the top when in water.

6. The top must be in initial position by pressing and seating, when the watch is used. The top on the watches equipped with a screwed top must be screwed properly. Do not use the top or button when your watch is wet or with wet hands.

7. Set your watch always according to User Manual.

8. Use a soft cloth to remove any marks that occur on the exterior of your watch due to use.

9. Any parts such as the case, strap, glass, top, etc. which is scratched, damaged, broken or snapped due to use are not covered by the guarantee.

10. Please note that alcohol and chemicals in perfume or cosmetics may damage the case, strap, band, etc. of your watch when you wear your watch.

How can I contact the technical service?

For any technical assistance about your product, in order to initiate the process for technical service, please contact to technical@welderwatch.com