Ser una madre debe estar relacionado con la felicidad...

Ser una madre debe estar relacionado con la felicidad...

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Motherhood may be a long and rough journey but it’s also the source of pure happiness for a woman. Especially if you can continue your new life with no compromises, this happiness will rise more and more…

For Mother’s Day, we’ve made a list of activities that will be more enjoyable with kids for all mothers and potential mothers.

Being A Yoga Mom

As you can see on Instagram and lots of social media channels, yoga moms rise day by day.

Not only does yoga help mums to become fit and gain physical and mental strength, it also has positive affects on breathing Techniques. Yoga offers moms a stress-free life during and after pregnancy.

These positive affects of yoga are really important for new moms who have started yoga early. With yoga they experience a totally different life after giving birth, more than from mothers who haven’t done yoga.A really important percent of moms also start a new program which called “yoga with kids” so they don’t have to change their life because of their children but make them a part of their life.

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Being A Traveler Mom

Traveling is a passion for most of us but lots of people lay this passion aside when they have kids.

However, children can be adapted new conditions easier than adults so traveling with a kid can be really enjoyable if parents are planned enough.

We see lots of “traveler mom blogs” that they encourage so many people about how easy it can be for everybody once that people actually put their minds and energy into the whole concept of being a mother an yet traveling the world together with their loved ones.

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Being A Stylish Mom

Being a generally means having go through sleepless nights due to this new little creature in your life that requires constant care and attention all the time and it takes away all your free time.

There’s still no reason at all for all these things because you only get to live these moments only once (If your thinking to have a solo child :) )

In your life time and although they may be painful and annoying, they are the most magical times for you. Only you and your loved ones will be experiencing these great times and you should always cherish them with all your love.

For example, women who complain about being overweight after giving birth usually prefer high waisted baggy pants rather than slim pants to look more fit which they really are. Reversible clothes also can be the hero of moms and baby wipes with vitamin E can be used for skin cleaning.

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