Entrevista a Beste Bereket

Entrevista a Beste Bereket

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Which one of the characters that you’ve acted impressed you most? And which one was the most related with you?

Sometimes i change my mind but nowadays i think it was Ophelia from Hamlet. There was a part that she got mad while going to suicide. It was really impressed me while i was acting and after… But i hope that i never be related to her.

Which one do you prefer: acting on a stage or in a movie?

May I say “both”? I’m really impressed by cinema as an actress and audience but if we’re talking about the premanence, then I’ll choose cinema. It takes part in helpless human beings life, who wants to leave anything behind, because it is something that can be recorded and exists as long as the World exists.

When did you decide to be an actress?

I think that I decided it when i was in very young age. Sometimes, my decision had been changed but every time that i acted on the stage at the university, i was convinced that with all my heart.

Have you watched many TV series or movies since last year?

At the first period of the year, yes i did because I was pregnant. So I haven’t watch such things that will hit me in the heart. I’ve prefered softer things and the second period I’ve started to live with a newborn. So I couldn’t have watched anything but it’s time to turn back to my spectator seat: Handmaids Tale, This is Us, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Koca Dünya, Florance and always Star Wars. These are the first ones that I’ve remembered.

Do you have an idol?

There are many actresses and actors that i love but I haven’t an idol. For example, if I say Cate Blanchett, it can be a bit funny. Maybe, she can be happy about it but we don’t have the same cast you know…

Last year we were in Milano together. (Time’s moving very fast) And now you’re a mother. What do you think about being a mother?

Actually, I’ve already been mother of lots of cats and dogs for years. So giving a birth or not isn’t important. Being mother of a living creature is very precious. Whatever it happens, we’re looking for the unconditional love in every relationship. Trying to turn in on for the aim of to be contrary, getting involved into plenty spiritual nonsense and trusting so called experts thinking she will help your soul but being a mother is the closest thing to pure love. My thoughts are these for now but we can talk about it again in the future.

What kind of projects do you prefer to take part in? Comedy, drama, action? What about making a project together?

I love this idea and if you say “We’ll make whatever you want”, then my heart always choose comedy and absurd comedy.

Is there a character that you want to act?

Does it exist a type that is unstable, thoughtless, naive but not stupid, maybe a bit silly but have too much self-confident one?

As an actress, do you struggle with adapting the moods which are necessary for your role? And does your mood change frequently in real life?

Yes, my mood oftenly changes in real life but as an actress, studying on my role and making preparations are so important for me so generally, I don’t have any struggles with adapting the moods. However, there can be some exceptions that feels goog to have those difficulties.

In which time of a day are you generally in a better mood?

The early mornings are always my favourite.

What do you think about the people who don’t know you well think about your character?

They think the others as themselves.

Where do you want to go with us this year?

What about Berlin? Or Barcelona? Or… I go anywhere with you my lovely team!

Who’ll come with us then?

Anyone can come, it’s not important. We have a big heart and a cool, beautiful watch.