Welder Moody Offically Launched in Italy!

Welder Moody Offically Launched in Italy!

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Do you know what’s real? ME!
My spirit, my mood, my desires… The fact is that everything shapes up according to “me”.
When I change, so does the world…


Upon its epic launch party juiced up by the renowned and extraordinary Italian DJ Ema Stokholma’s selection music in Milano’s Teatro Vetra; the brand new collection named Welder Moody is now ready to challenge any and all design criteria and sales strategies known to date. Embracing the colorful, playful and fickle spirit of time; Welder Moody adresses the personalized taste of its target audience: those who experience life beyond the limits of predefined calendars and patterns, and seize time according to their ever-changing moods.

Welder Moody watches are especially unique in their trademark: the photochromic glass. The first and only color-changing watch glass depending on the light and the clothes of its user has now come to life in Welder Moody collection!

Standing out with its 3 different strap types; Welder Moody offers leather straps of a wide variety color palette from burgundy to blush, aquamarine to tobacco brown. Choices also include the cool wicker straps; and the double-sided nato straps with plain or striped side options to choose from depending on your mood.

If Welder’s target audience were to be attached with a key word; we’d say that they are on a “Quest”.  Brought together in the spirit of this quest; the Welder Moody Gang is made up of very real, down-to-earth, genuine brand ambassadors of both Turkish and Italian nationalities: Barış Yeşilbaş (tattoo artist), Nil İpek (singer), Beste Bereket (actress), Caner Eler (Chief Editor of Sokrates Magazine), Bedia Ceylan Güzelce (journalist-author), Sercan Badur (actor), Ezgi Bozkurt (designer), Evrencan Gündüz (musician); Federica Di Nardo (blogger), Lavinia Guglielman (actress), Martina Pinto (actress/model), Ema Stokholma (DJ), Edoardo Purgatori (actor), Gabriele Rossi (actor).



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