Today is the Day for Those Who Live Their Life in Their Way…

Today is the Day for Those Who Live Their Life in Their Way…

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How do you define love? Is it mutual sacrifices? Or does it mean deep-diving into wild excitements and adventures? Could it be pursuing the impossible? Or, do you think, it means being attached to each other with an eternal devotion?

In fact, each and every love contains its own legend within itself, no matter how you define it. Each love has its own challenges, obstacles that should be overcome, happiness and unhappiness.

The silver screen always exhibits the best examples of those legends. However, there are certain films that even if years or centuries pass by, they remain as legends, and those films spring to mind when “love films” are mentioned.

We have summoned some of those legendary films for the 14th of February. If you wish to isolate yourself, even for a bit, from the red roses and heart-figures you bump into on each corner on the Valentine’s Day, it is time to surrender yourself to the legendary love stories of the cinema history together with your beloved, accompanied with your favorite blanket and hot chocolate.


Ilsa learns that her husband, whom, she thought, was dead, is alive. And in order to comply with her duty of loyalty to her husband, she leaves the love of her life, Rick. But Rick cannot learn the reason why he was left. Until he comes across Ilsa many years after at a bar in a very far city… Rick and Ilsa maintain their special position in people’s minds both with their story knitted with love, war and sacrifices, and as the coolest couple in the history of cinema.

Bonnie & Clyde

There’s no doubt that Bonnie and Clyde are the couple who deserves the title of “the legend”. The scenario of the film, which was released in 1967, is based on a true story. The film recounts the life story of Bonnie and Clyde, who fell in love and became the Robin Hoods of their era with their various crimes during the Great Depression, and it is as exciting as the couple’s true life story.

City of Angels

If we were to refer to the expression “There are no impossibilities for love” for a film, that film would be City of Angles. The film recounts the love affair between an angle of death and a surgeon. Struggling with all the impossibilities, Maggie and Seth take their place amongst the legendary couples with their deeply romantic and challenging story.

The Notebook

It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that everybody must have watched “The Notebook”. We could also claim that people must have watched it several times. Noah and Allie fall in love in a small town, and they do not give up on their love despite all the obstacles and being apart for many years. Their story is both an entertaining and also melancholic; and this film has become a real classic…

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