Challenge Time with Welder The Bold!

Challenge Time with Welder The Bold!

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With various choice offers designed to reflect the free spirit and authenticity of its adventurous and courageous target audience who do not fear the different and are in search of the extraordinary; Welder The Bold collection dares you to push the boundaries of time together. Born for those who define time not by minutes or hours but by real experiences. Welder The Bold is here to help express your openness to unknown and your courage against time with style.

However many times you may have stumbled upon the long loose infinite hair of time and fallen down... Much as you may have gotten hurt...

Don't give up. Every fall will lead to something brand new; every wound will freeze time within itself, forever.

Now it's time to get up and comb that wild hair of time; untangle each knot over and over again. Don't be afraid. Join life, discover the unknown - don't let cliches and stereotypes define who you are. 

Live freely and to the fullest - you can turn hours into minutes and minutes into hours; don't let the defined limits of time domesticate you.

Welder The Bold is designed to inspire you by your own experiences: Vintage cases, worn-out leathers, multi-dimensional dials...

Made up of eccentric and distinctive watches which represent the odd-one-out; the fearless who seek beyond the perfectionist and stereotyped boundaries; the brave who are proud of and even inspired by their wounds; Welder The Bold collection is ready to challenge time together. Are you ready?