Our Colors Combined with the Colors of the Streets: Welder Graffiti Collection

Our Colors Combined with the Colors of the Streets: Welder Graffiti Collection

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Cultures belonging to societies have their own unique colors. This colorfulness is also valid for the streets that make up the subcultures. Graffiti, which has started to be seen as an art branch worldwide, has an important place in the visibility of these subcultures. As the Welder family, we combined our colorful world with the colorful world of graffiti. We prepared our Welder Graffiti series for you. You will not want to miss the models in this series, each of which has a unique line with its design features.


Your World of Colors!


As long as the excitement and happiness of life is kept vigorous, it is possible to keep your youth alive for a lifetime. Every area you come into contact with in your daily life means new experiences. These experiences reveal the colors that make you who you are, and as a result, you discover new ways to express yourself. And the Welder Graffiti series was created with the inspiration of exactly this understanding. The Moody WWRC688 model, designed to uniquely reflect the free and energetic spirit of graffiti, can be shown as an important example at this point. The model, which carries the warm colors you need when you want to reflect your colorful world out, and offers a very striking appearance with its black and white details, adds a special atmosphere to your combinations. The model, whose case and dial are completely covered with graffiti patterns, is completed with photochromic glass and clearly reflects the signature of Welder Watch.


The Lines That Make The Walls Speak Are Now On Your Wristwatch


Throughout history, graffiti culture has allowed walls to acquire a language and even become a global culture. Moody WWRC691 can be shown as another outstanding model of the Welder Graffiti series, inspired by the graffiti works that adorn many walls of the world with its extraordinary designs. Moody WWRC691 can be seen on your wrist from every angle with its bracelet and case offering a detailed graffiti look. The design, in which colors such as red, purple, blue, yellow, and green are used together with black and white lines, makes the Welder wristwatch magic live at the highest level. Moreover, this look is unique in each model. Each model carries a unique pattern that is slightly different from the other. Just like different graffiti works living in different streets of the world…


Make Your Choice, Show Your Style


The Welder Graffiti series, which stands out as a unique wristwatch series for young people and those who do not give up on staying young, consists of many different designs. You can reveal your youthful style by choosing the model with the graffiti aesthetic that suits your style among the models designed in three different case diameters, 38 mm, 42 mm, and 45 mm. The models, which differ from each other with the dial color options of sea green, sea blue, and cherry bruise, make it possible for you to have the convenience of choosing the most suitable alternative for your style. Graffiti series, which we can describe as the most colorful series in the Welder Moody Collection, will bring the graffiti culture, which has an important place in history as the art of the streets, on your wrist. At the same time, you will be able to reflect your uniqueness with your style. Moreover, in addition to effortless combinations, you can achieve quite bold and striking looks by using it even in your most classic combinations; you might consider revealing the most marginal aspects of the graffiti spirit.


If you wish, visit welderwatch.com right now, get acquainted with our Graffiti series and quickly buy the model that best suits your style!