Always Brighter with Welder Watch: Luminous White

Always Brighter with Welder Watch: Luminous White

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Your style gives messages about you to those around you, wherever you are. Naturally, people around you also infer various meanings from these messages. The aesthetic details of the pieces you use in your daily combinations affect how people around you perceive you. Suppose you want to be understood by the people around you with your aesthetic taste and reveal your difference. In that case, you can choose Welder Watch wristwatches. Moreover, you can show your difference in any environment with Luminous White, with its design that has just joined our collection and allows you to be visible in light and the dark.


Shine, Move & Go Further


The most classic part of the essential aesthetics that comes to mind when Welder Watch is mentioned is prominent: Photochromic Glass. Photochromic glass, which has become one of the indispensable parts of the Welder Watch brand identity, reveals an endless spectrum of colors whenever it comes into contact with light. This look appeals to the user's eye taste and reflects the founding philosophy of Welder Watch. While we appeal to all Welder wristwatch users, men, and women, we create designs that will make them feel like a daily routine to move, be brave and go further. It is also a brand philosophy of Welder to continuously innovate in this design approach that places Welder Watch in a unique position in its field. The WWRC1034 wristwatch model can also be a clear proof of our statements. This wristwatch differs from the standard wristwatch designs and reveals its power to show itself in the dark. Luminous White wristwatch is here with its neon cord, indexes, hour and minute hand designs...


Like a Part of You in Every Environment


Wristwatches are unique accessories when you want to complement your daily outfits or clothing pieces suitable for special events. You may want to consider including the WWRC1034 wristwatch among the light-colored accessories you prefer during daytime activities, especially in hot weather. Designed with a white strap to reveal a spacious look, it shows its elegance with its smoked color case. With its mother-of-pearl texture, the white bracelet creates a very striking image in combination with the smoked case. The case view complemented by photochromic glass, which is a must for Welder watch designs, stands out with a teal blue dial that supports its dynamic energy. As a result, making its users feel their energy with every detail; The classic Welder design emerges that reveals its difference in every environment, but the secret of Luminous White is shown in the dark...


More Visible, More Striking


The photochromic glasses of Welder wristwatch models that change color under light are the main component of wristwatch designs that appeal to those who want to be more visible in the light. On the other hand, Luminous White manages to make you visible in the dark by expanding the borders one step further at this point. The new model joining the Welder Watch men's wristwatch family allows you to continue to reflect your light in dark environments with its pieces reflecting neon light. The bracelet, the indexes on the dial, hour and minute hands begin to glow in the dark. This design reveals its visibility in outdoor activities, especially on hot summer evenings; It appeals to those who want to reflect their brave image in every environment.


If you want to carry the elegance of Welder Watch and reveal your brave sides not only in the light but also in the dark, you can take a look at the WWRC1034 men's wristwatch model; You can immediately own this exceptional wristwatch with its striking design features.