As Welder, we design watches that feel like home when they are on the wrist of someone who has the courage to be himself/herself.

when you darewhen you dare

Just give an ear to us, read our manifest and check if it makes sense for you or not. If it does, open your heart; we are coming home…

when you dare

You are the one who never felt ashamed when laughing out loud or crying in the crowd. It is just a way of expressing who you truly are.

When you try you may fail, but it’s still better than not trying at all. You know it. And that’s not a gut feeling it’s a fact...

When you call your ex or breaking up with your precious one; you always take the consequences of what you have done.

When you explore a town worth thousand of thumbs-up, yet you fail and return back to your mundane hometown. You don’t care if your social media is hot. It is your attitude towards life that really rocks.

It’s not all the moments, it’s just the ones when you show courage to do what you want, even when it seems unbearable.

It’s you when you dare.
And when it’s you
It is Welder.

Dare to discover Welder.