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Some moments are far beyond from what they seem. A couple embracing each other on the beach where they give their first vows might be an accepted marriage proposal. The first glance, a sincere ‘Hello’ can be the first steps taken towards a long journey. Palms sweaty, knees weak at the airport, impatient eyes looking for the loved one at the airport. They’ve been waiting for a long time, shaking hands, breaths held, a huge smile can have hidden meanings beyond what they appear.

These moments in life cannot be measured with minutes or hours in time as they pass. But these moments that pass become the greatest memories worth remembering.

Welder Moody Ultraviolet, integrates it’s flawless design with a great shade of purple. Enjoy the hidden moments beyond time. Once you get to realize what these moments are, you will certainly enjoy your life for what it was and what it will become.