Welder The Bold sees the life as an adventure, and pushes you to unfollow the best practice of yesterday. Italo says ‘’I have my scars outside and inside me and I am proud of them’’. The brand doesnt provocate but  gives courage to trust the supreme intelligence of heart and simply be open to wounds. The Bold collection doesnt have fine cut cases but the cases seem like they have scars, they do have a vintage look on purpose, the same valid for the straps of the watches.

Life is an adventure

Do not take baby steps but jump

Jump into the wild, original, ironic, unexploited

Simply be open to explore 

Bow to your instincts and unfollow the best practice of yesterday

Today is a new day with a lot to explore:

take an alternative route to your home

get the first plane to the unknown

open your heart to the excitement of discover 

Followers have the map, The BOLD has the wounds, trust the supreme intelligence of heart

be open to wounds, be proud of your wounds, it is the signal of a person looking for unaccustomed 

Unaccostomed takes time, so take your time: be bold and walk your route