Welder - the explorer – reaches the millenials through two collections : Welder Moody watch collection which welcomes the unpredictability of the moods and Welder the Bold watch collection which welcomes the courage of unknown...

Millenials are just different, the generation which is critisized the most almost by all previous generations, defend themselves with mottos, summarize the complicated feelings with emojis, learn from apps, read from Twitter, enjoy through Snapchat, shop through Instastory, live in hashtagnation, write business notes to their managers from whatsapp, the people they trust the most is their facebook list not their family. Their constant mood can be summarized as ‘’seeking’’: seeking for a more inspiring job, for a life coach, for an experience to worth telling, for sth to rent but not to own, for the right gang to hang out with, for the purpose of their existence…

So as Welder, if Welder exists for one reason, it is ‘’seeking’’.  Seeking for a new way of doing, daring to look different, promising new experiences.

The designer of Welder – Italo Fontana says “I add to all my creations something really important: my identity.  Their strength lies in their soul: you can see that I designed all of them myself; they have an identity and a powerful image, and they can be recognized from a distance.”

The crown and pushers placed at the left side and unusual dimensions of cases are the signatures of Welder watches

Welder believes in failure, cause the failure is the only path to fly and the only way to achieve that is to follow your own way.

That’s why Welder motto is  ‘’you define your own terms’’.