Welder Moody says the concept of time is based on how we perceive it, it differs from one person to another, from one moment to another and even from one mood of yours to another. While designing Welder Moody Italo Fontana let his moods guiding his colours . But he says ‘’ there were times when I desired to shift my red temper to green tranquility and these mood swifts pushed me to invent the photochromic glass and shifted the watch to a ‘’out-of-this world beauty’’.

You know what is real? ME!

My soul, my mood, my desires… As I change, the world changes, because the way I perceive the world changes. The core of the change is ME!

I used to love “red”, now I think it doesn’t look good on me anymore. Who knows I may fall into red again one day. I used to believe that it is the best colour with all my heart and now it’s simply not. I have been the one who believed in these two distinctive ideas and it is me again who embraces all.

One day I wake up and feel like I don’t have the power to survive  but some other day I feel like I can conquer the world.

Sometimes waiting you for 10 minutes is a burden, sometimes I take it easy. Yesterday while I was in the traffic for hours, it felt like a torture. Today I’m listening to my favourite song and can stay in the car for 3 more minutes.

When you are with your best friend 6 hours drive feels like an hour, talking & singing together… But if you are travelling with a crying baby, it is another story.

What time is it? 8 p.m.? Some days it dawns at 8, some days it is just the end of the day.

The concept of ‘’time‘’ is  based on how we perceive it. It differs from me to you, from now and then and even depends on my mood.

There is only one thing that defines the time: My Mood!

My mood defines my time